Malpensa airportaxi offers a gastronomic tour service, wine tours, tours to outlet (Serravalle Scrivia, Fox Town Medrisio, Vicolungo, etc.) and tours in the tourist cities such as Verona, Como, Venice, Genova, etc.

Wines, gastronomy and tourism with Gilardetti taxis, Milan, Varese and Malpensa

Through the service offered by Gilardetti taxis, residents in the provinces of Milan, Varese, Malpensa and not only can rely on a safe and efficient guide to discover the flavors of wines and cheeses.

Taxi Gilardetti will guide you to discover the valley of Gattinara and cellars where you can taste the best products of this land and discover the art and tradition of the land of the most famous wines in the world.

It will also be possible, with Gilardetti taxi service, also taste the flavors of Gorgonzola earth visiting the places where it is produced and stored according to ancient traditions.

Taxi Gilardetti meets every transfer need also to the airport of Malpensa and Milan Linate to users around the northern Italy, both single and in groups.

Malpensa Airport Taxi uses, in partnership with Gilardetti taxi, highly qualified and able to assist you in complete safety in all transport needs for business or pleasure, with cars equipped with every comfort and high efficiency.

With Gilardetti taxi is also possible to reach the most important Italian golf clubs, the Lake Maggiore and the Novara hills, magnificent environment of ancient terraces that thin out in the floodplain of the Sesia and guarding a treasure from the oenological point of view.


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The service in partnership with Malpensa Airport Taxi is also available for self service for ceremonies and limousine service Milan, Varese and Malpensa. You will discover a world rich in history and gastronomy, in comfort.